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  • Child Brain Injury Trust
  • 7 McKibbin House
  • Eastbank Road
  • Carryduff
  • Belfast
  • BT8 8BD
  • Tel: 02890 817145

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About the condition

Every 30 minutes, a child or young person will acquire a brain injury. This could be the result of an accident, an illness such as meningitis or encephalitis, a poisoning, a stroke or a brain tumour.

A brain injury has a devastating and life-long impact on the child and their whole family. Bones can mend and scars can heal but a brain injury stays with you for life and impacts on everything you think, feel and do.

An acquired brain injury can affect one of more of the following 8 main areas of difficulty – Attention/Concentration, Behaviours, Memory, Communication, Perception, Social skills, executive skills and fatigue. In other words, as the brain controls everything our body does, an injury can cause short-term to life-long difficulties