The Northern Ireland Neurological Charities Alliance

The Northern Ireland Neurological Charites Alliance (niNCA) was established in 2006 to represent and provide a voice on behalf of people living with a neurological condition in Northern Ireland.

niNCA comprises of eleven member groups which represent Charities and Support Groups for neurological conditions which range from the commonly recognised to rare disorders.

Our focus is to ensure that neurological services are given priority at all levels of health and social care planning and we are committed to achieving this by working together and speaking as one influential voice.

To ensure the needs of everyone with a neurological condition is understood we have representatives on the Neurological Conditions Network which was established by the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety [DHSSPSNI] to ensure the best possible outcomes for those living with long-term neurological conditions. The purpose of the network is to promote joined up services that make the best use of resources to deliver appropriate treatment and support.

Our Mission:

To be the united voice on behalf of people living with Neurological Conditions in Northern Ireland

Mission goals:

>Seeking to highlight and increase awareness of the needs and issues faced by those living with a neurological condition

>Sharing our understanding of the long term impact of neurological conditions and representing that viewpoint to the legislative and healthcare bodies

>Raising awareness and working together we can help to influence and inform policy and support improvements in services for people with neurological conditions

Our Strategy:

Improving Care – ensuring people with Neurological conditions have access to accurate and timely diagnosis and appropriate multi-disciplinary treatment, care and support.

Raising Awareness – raising and maintaining awareness of the impact and diverse range of needs faced by people living with neurological conditions.

Working Together – working together niNCA member groups deliver a cohesive approach to lobbying government and liaising with health and social care providers.

Our Values:

Person-Centred: Ensuring care and support is the most appropriate for the needs of all our clients
Expertise Recognition: We recognise that each member groups‘ expertise  can contribute to the benefit of our alliance
Committed Stance: Our determination to remain committed to the position we take on issues on behalf of our clients
Transparency: Dedicated to ensuring open and transparent information sharing amongst member groups
Supporting Members: We actively support the member groups in their aims to deliver the best for their charity
Respecting Diversity: Central to our alliance is showing respect for the diversity of those with neurological conditions