In November 2015, the MS Society and BHF NI, supported by our colleagues in the Long Term Conditions Alliance NI launched an important new campaign which we would encourage everyone to support.

The campaign is called Keep Us Well and focuses on the need to protect free prescriptions for people living with long term conditions in Northern Ireland.

Free prescriptions are a good investment for people with long-term conditions. More than 1 in 3 people in Northern Ireland live with one or more long-term conditions. Prescription charges would place an unfair burden on the sick and disabled and won't save the health service money in the long term. In fact, introducing charges could lead to more hospital admissions, longer waiting lists and poorer quality of life.

Having access to free prescriptions helps people with long-term conditions to manage their condition, keep well for longer and stay in employment. The Keep Us Well campaign aims to recognise the value of free treatment and calls for a long-term commitment to free prescriptions for people with long-term conditions. The campaign is being led by the British Heart Foundation Northern Ireland and the MS Society and supported by the Long Term Conditions Alliance – a coalition of over 50 local charities and the Prescriptions Charges Coalition.