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  • Epilepsy Action NI
  • Room 110, Bostock House
  • Grosvenor Road
  • Belfast
  • BT12 6BA

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In Northern Ireland there are approximately 20,000 people with epilepsy, one in 90 of the population. Epilepsy is a complex and unpredictable medical condition of the brain. It cannot be described in simple terms because it is so different in every person. That's why it's important not to see people as medical conditions but as people with their own unique experience.

Sometimes epilepsy can be straightforward. Seizures can be stopped by medicines or other treatments and people can lead ordinary lives just like everyone else. You might never know they have epilepsy. But for some people epilepsy becomes more severe and seizures are less controlled by treatments. Then its impact on a person's life increases. At its most extreme, epilepsy is life threatening. As well as seizures, people with epilepsy regularly have to deal with unfair discrimination and prejudice in their everyday lives. This is because other people often don't understand what epilepsy is like.